David was Born on 21st August 2000 in Berlin Germany.
From the moment he was born, David had an International appeal. He has a Russian grandmother, a German father and a Kenyan mother.

His paternal grandfather, Stephan Hermlin was a very famous German writer. His father Andrej Hermlin is a successful jazz musician who owns a famous orchestra known as the Swing Dance Orchestra.

At the age of three years, David began developing interest in playing the drums, so he began teaching himself how to play the drums going around drumming everywhere and on anything typically as a three year old would do. This however did not skip the attention of his father who being a musician and bandleader, realized there was something extra ordinary about him.

At the age of four years, David made his first appearance on stage with his father and performed remarkably. By the age of seven he started taking tap dancing lessons with Tassilo Ebersbach. David kept growing day by day in his talent being natured by his mother and father and performing to multitudes of people both in Germany and other countries including Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

As the years passed by, David began developing interest in dance and was especially drawn to the Michael Jackson style of dancing. At the age of nine years, he caught the eye of the makers of Friedrichstadtpalast – Berlin. This is the most famous European show palace with the world largest stage of more than 3000 square meters and before long, due to his exceptional performance, Davis found himself the soloist of all the performances which included singing, dancing and acting. He still does this to date.


At the age of Ten and running wild with mad talent David got hold of the piano and before long with the help of his teacher Peter Schenderlein, he could noticeably play many compositions on it exceptionally well.

Having a Kenyan mother – Joyce Hermlin – David has been spending much of his time in Kenya – owing to the fact that they own a home in the Thumaita village of Kirinyaga District that is on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. He in time grew interest in singing something about his maternal homeland. So his parents reached out to the award wining producer and song writer in Kenya known as Dr. Eddie.

„Perfect Paradise“ is the first song that they have worked on with Dr. Eddie and it talks about the way he would love to see the country be like contrary to what he sees and that’s people living in poverty and only a few of them living in paradise which makes it and imperfect paradise. The song is doing very well in the East African region. The latest song produced by David and Dr. Eddie is called „Nakupenda“ and has been released in summer 2013.

David is going to be on tour with the German popstar Sarah Connor in December 2013. To date, David is very busy performing with his fathers Swing orchestra and producing music in his second home country Kenya.

He is a proud member of the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin.

David is dreaming of becoming an international performer and is working hard to make his dream come true.